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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Camping and fishing for sanity...

Last Monday I went "boat camping." This is where you can only get to the campsite by boat. A friend in AA invited me to go. He and two other people were already there when I did finally show last Monday. They all stayed there a week. I stayed three days. After driving 145 miles, I had to launch my boat and ride the last five miles up lake to camp. It was awesome. What a beautiful way to get the clutter out of my head! I took my second favorite girl, Roxy. She went swimming on her own for the first time. I was in my tent and heard a loud splash and looked out and there she was paddling all over the place! Very cool. I was beaming like a proud father! I took a bunch of pictures and here are a few. It was so quiet and peaceful. I swear I could hear God snoring...We did manage to catch a lot of Walleye and Bass. But I'll just add that catching fish is just a fringe benefit...

I am so grateful to be sober, and to enjoy these kind of things that bring me peace, and plants a warm smile on my face. Extra nice to share the trip with a friend in recovery as well...

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