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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Another sober Christmas.  Since my last post a lot has happened.  For about the past six months I have been looking for a place to rent.   I have spent the last eight years with a woman I dearly love.  The issue is we just don't get along very well much of the time.  We agreed back then, that it be best if I would hang my hat in my own crib.  I'm on a fixed income so it's ideal for me to split the cost of a rental with a roommate.   An old roommate of mine from years ago was also looking.   We rented a house about 40 miles from where I live now.  We took it over December 3rd, and I'm still moving stuff.  I should be done by the first of January.  I'm really slow and can't lift very much so I just do what my body allows.   My body tells me when enough is enough. I have had some help which is very good.  I could use more help but pride keeps me from asking.   Sounds like an alcoholic.

On October 4th I finally reached my 8 year AA birthday.   I'm still very young...


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