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Monday, July 31, 2006

High bottom AA meetings...

This post title may piss some people off, so if you are one of those, please take note of your reaction. Please read my note in red in the sidebar panel on the right hand side. I may want a reaction out of you. That's how we grow...

Anyway I went to what I used to call a "high-bottom AA meeting" here in town. I recall the first time I went to that meeting I felt like I didn't fit in. I pulled into the parking lot, and there wasn't a used car to be seen. It looked like all the urban assault vehicles in town were there, brand new and shiny. Then there's me with my alcoholic car. My car has dents, that have dents. But this time I didn't notice the clicks. I didn't feel "less than." I felt like I belonged there, even though I was having a bad hair day. I might go back to that one. Pretty alcoholics are cool too. Maybe I have just accepted that they are no better or worse off than I am.

My doc appointment went off as expected. Don't know what's wrong. I was placed on another diuretic, so now I take two. Peeing twice as much. I did make it a whole meeting without dashing to the restroom though!! My doc ordered some labs so I gave some blood to check out liver and kidney function. I had a kidney stone once in the mid 70's. Lordy those are painful. Like natural child birth. I did drink a lot of coffee today and into the early evening, so I'll probably be up late! Grrrr! The high bottom AA meeting, I was glad I went. I'm gonna go back there. Thanks for being here for me. I wish you all the best this next 24 hours....
A friend of mine just started a blog today. Please visit him  here. He's new...but cool...


Blogger Sober Chick said...

"high-bottom AA meeting"

:) Heheee. I have never heard this, but understand what you speak of.

Sometimes I attend a meeting on Tuesday nights in S. Pasadena at a beautiful home. 98% of the 7-12 people that attend are male and have high financial status and careers (oh and most are over 50). Here I am in my little Rav 4 that just got paid off, a girl all coming out of her 1st yr in the Fellowship.

I am always glad after I leave that meeting, somehow I feel comfortable becuz no matter what, they speak my language, of this emptiness inside, about intellect vs God, and so much more. I like to see me as the dent in thier line. I am still a part of that line. :)

8:03 AM  
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