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Sunday, June 04, 2006

They call Mr. Rip...

Van Winkle that is. I took a five hour power nap today and missed it. I hate it when I do that. Oh, I'm just gonna rest my eyes for a little bit!! If I would have been outside I would have sunburnt the roof of my mouth. Anyway, today was great. I was productive and made a little extra dough. I dabble with computer hardware and software on the side. Usually on the left side because I'm right handed. Timothy Leary died May 31st, ten years ago. I did a lot of LSD and this is a time of reflection for me. It's safe to say I was part of the "tune in, turn on, drop out" generation. I am in conflict with acid, and how I feel about it. I think the worst thing about acid is it's not for the psychologically challenged. Things can be a bummer man, if one isn't with the right mind set. Colors blending, asphalt rivers, funny faces, odd animals, great sex. Acid. Open your mind. Acid was legal in the 1960's. Isn't that wild!! Can you imagine going to an AA meeting on Purple Dragon? It would be like, "Whoa dude, your like way too grateful!" I have a million funny stories to share about my dealings with LSD, but not all of them were good. Like, I should have never, ever climbed to the top of that pine tree at Lake Chelan. I can still taste pine needles. I wonder if I will ever get that awful taste out of my mouth. Reminds me of the one and only time I ever drank Gin. Ewell Gibbons, "You ever eat a pine tree?" Something about tumbling through branches of pine to really come to peace with the powerlessness of the situation. I don't believe that I took a thousand hits of acid over the years, but I'll bet the number is not that far off. Sometimes I wonder if my odd thinking is a result of my acid use. Not that I can do anything about that now. It is interesting to wonder about those things from time to time. I think things sometimes I certainly would not say aloud, that's certain. I'm afraid that the white coats would come and put a Posey jacket on me and haul me off to Trembling Hills Hospital For The Terminally Nervous. It's almost 1:30am, so I should lay down and read the first 164 pages of the AA Big Book. That will help with the not being sleep thing. Thank God for this miracle of a clear head today, and this higher power thing I feel right now. You all have a sober weekend!!


Blogger Shannon said...

gratitude is good
God is good
I did have a good weekend... how was yours?

7:45 PM  
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