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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Thunder and lightening tonight. Nothing like watching a lightening storm. I wonder what it's like to be hit by lightening. I wonder if it is like putting a massive dose of meth in your arm. I know what that's like. Sort of taking a left hook from a heavyweight. Out of sorts for a while. I was feeling out of sorts when I realized what happens when your car is impounded. Besides the initial towing fee, they charge thirty-six dollars a day impound fee. They charge you this until they auction it off, then they bill you for the balance remaining. I had no choice but to make arrangements to get my car out, so I did. I could have ended up owing thousands, and if I couldn't pay the balance, I would never be able to renew my drivers license. I could actually feel a wave of nausea overcome me. But I feel better. Better to take charge once in a while rather than being a victim huh? I think so. I can be very good with the self pity thing. Self pity gets me one thing...Drunk/loaded. Going to have a surprise party for a guy that does a lot of good for people in this town. That will be fun. Three days without pain meds. I'm trying the John Wayne thing. Without the whisky.

I have a friend that I help in recovery. When all else fails, work with another alcoholic. Sound wisdom. Thank God for another 24, you are all in my prayers. What a rambling mess this was huh? Bed time.


Blogger Shannon said...

go have fun at the suprise party, sometimes R&R helps us to recharge and get a better perspective... glad yu came by my blog, and you live in WA
me my hubby and friends will be out in Levenworth in August, it would be nice to go to a meeting there... so I will remind you when we get closer to being there

10:41 AM  
Blogger Lex-Sunshine said...

I lost money on a car that got towed once.......... I'll never have that happen again. The nice little tow truck driver convinced me that it was better for him to tow it to their lot than to my friends house..... just so they could charge me the 'storage fee'...... its awful...

have fun doing service work and the surprise party! both sound like great 'get out of yourself' type things : )

12:46 PM  
Blogger Mary Christine said...

Getting a car towed stinks. Bad. Reeks. Sorry. Glad to hear that you have another alcoholic to work with.

7:12 PM  
Blogger BigSkymAAck said...

I am really sorry that you had to buy your car back that is a lousy deal. Just when you thought you had given it away.

12:38 PM  

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