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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I feel yah dog...

Sometimes I think AA/NA folks are the only people I can relate to these days. Like a lot of alcoholics and addicts, I have had several different types of employment. I did work in the addiction field as a Therapist II and a CCDC III, and the Ambulance business, as well as a horse trainer. So it's cool trying to figure out what I wanna be when I grow up. I did all of these jobs very well. They say that alcoholics can actually fall upstairs. That is so true. I remember on the ambulance one time, and a co-worker was complaining about another crew member. All I said was, "Sounds like fourth step stuff to me." He had a tilt to his head that reminded me of a very curious dog. Like, "that's interesting, but what is it."

I am grateful for the principles that are laid out for people like me. I was an alcoholic before my first drink. All the green-eyed people in my family are alcoholic. The blue-eyed ones are not. I will never forget that first drink. It made things right. I felt like all the planets were aligned, and I just fit in the human race real smooth like everybody else. Alcohol was once my best friend. That best friend killed me, but I'm in a different space. I realize my powerlessness over it, and what a key to freedom. I respect the power of alcohol, and I leave it alone. I have a group of friends who don't hang out with me, just to see if they can manipulate me outta anything. Today I have friends who care. They stop by, have coffee and shoot the breeze, wanting nothing else but friendly conversation. Imagine that!

I thought by now I would feel a withdrawal syndrome from the pain medication, but nothing yet. I feel fine, except for the nagging pulling pain in my right shoulder, and I see a surgeon tomorrow. Sunday I will be working at the local Alano Club. That's fun. Free coffee and conversation with other drunks. I can't think of a better night. Well, I can, but I won't go there!LOL Thanks for another 24.


Blogger Mary Christine said...

They say if you take pain meds, for pain, as prescribed, you will not get addicted. That is my experience with them and it sounds like it is yours too.

4:41 PM  

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