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Saturday, June 10, 2006

HNT and BBQ...

Great BBQ today. Lots of people, good food. What more can a person ask for. I don't think this site is the right venue for HNT, so, I will place a link to my HNT photos very soon. I think the HNT thing is a healthy thing to get into. I've already posted pics to the page Flicker. The title of the page is "Body Shotz." It will be fun. Maybe doing some of these activities will help me with some hangups I have. But I have noticed that big hangups I have had in the past are gone. I think what is helping is the 400mg's of testosterone a month I am on. Since this last November I have been on steroids, with the exception of the month I had back surgery.

Yes, I had a date last night. I don't kiss and tell, so use your imagination. I will say I had a great clean and sober time, with a great woman. Having done Fourth Step inventories in the past, this new one is interesting. I have played many actors in my drinking/drugging career. Once I get all these papers up off of the floor, I may just blog about each actor. Each of them will feature it's own character...No, I'm not suffering from multiple personality disorder. People around me have said I missed my calling and should have been an actor, or in stand-up comedy. My personal point of view, is to get to that mental twist that leads to an acute relapse episode. I do know that as long as I an working a step, I can feel within myself, in my gut, when something with me isn't quite right. That's a beautiful thing. I found a fellow blogger, who I think I can relate to a lot. The things this person writes freaks me out. Sometimes I think wow, been there, done that. I have/had those feelings, desires, dreams and depressions, when I didn't think I was depressed. I thought I wasn't satisfied or something. This person found my blog by mistake. I don't believe it was a mistake. Not even close...Have a great Saturday night. What's a goodlooking person like you doing home on a Saturday night anyway? Y'all have a great Sunday too. I can say y'all. One of my actors once lived in North Carolina...


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