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Friday, June 09, 2006


 This is my little work station at home. I notice a red cap on the wall. It doesn't fit well. I'm wondering why I still have it. I usually have a computer torn apart, and doing my thing. Currently running Windows on one machine and Linux on another. Sounds like this loyal alcoholic is "two-timing!"

Food. The Alano Club here is putting on it's annual BBQ and Pot Luck thing this weekend down on the river. I am involved with setting things up and cooking etc...It will be fun. I pray for good weather. I have reached the point where I am charging real money to fix computer problems for people. Alcoholics that are low on funds need not fear however, as I will do free stuff if they are serious about AA. I will not work for sex. Personally, I don't see how people can live without the internet, but there are those who don't. They are not at fault, they seem to have been born that way. I still have books. I think they are just for show. Mostly computer books. I have them in a place where people can see them so when they visit they will think I'm real smart. HA! Oh, I'm taking a friend to the store in a minute so she can pick up fixins' for her homemade chili. Alcoholics and a vat of chili. I'm happy this event will be outside tomorrow...Just for today, I'm not going to drink, no matter what. The program can be simple if we let it. Sometimes I feel that AA's are complicated people trying a simple program. I have to stay stupid if I ever want to recover. I am doomed if I get smart. I pray for myself and my friends in AA/NA that they all stay clean and sober. I may write more later. You all have a great weekend, and behave yourselves!


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Thansk for the link, official member oh HNT? hmmm....

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