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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Weary, wicked Wednesday...

Pooped. Draggin' my ass dawg tired. I'm tired, tired, tired. Maybe an hour of sleep last night if that. I tried to take one of my favorites this afternoon, a NAP. Just as I was dozing off, the "letter carrier" pounded on the door with a package. I was very polite to him, and after I wished him a wonderful afternoon, I closed the door and quietly whispered every bad word I could come up with. Probably a ton of verbosity. Is that a word? Close enough of a word for me. I was only an English minor in college before dropping out. One of my boys from Pink Floyd died, yesterday I think. He was only 60. My favorite album(yes, in the days of vinyl)was "Dark Side of the Moon." I loved the songs, "Time" and "Money." Magic mushrooms and Blue Meanies. I ate a lot of mushrooms, but the Blue Meanie, once. They were rare. I can remember my field of vision while on Blue Meanies. It was as if peering through a camera view finder to take a picture. Everything was very small. Didn't drink much back then. Alcohol and acid didn't mix well with me. I could never remember where I put my beer, or bottle of Pink Chablis, or Annie Green Springs...Boones Farm. Those pop wines. Anyway back to seeing things really small on Blue Meanies. I came up with a new line with my friends when we were setting out for an evening to party, which usually meant two days solid back then. I'd say, "Let's go get really small!!" " I mean really, really small!!"
I'm going to an AA meeting at 6pm tonight. That's a good thing. From the looks of this post, I'm due for one...


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