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Thursday, July 06, 2006

You are safe here...

About the article below, the German story, was disturbing. I noticed it was a 1999 post. I'm curious as to how it panned out. I didn't research it any further. The I asked myself how does this affect me at a local level? It doesn't. If the story is true, well, the paid people who work for AA have to live in their own skin, I don't have to. To me, it's a "let go let God" slogan that works. Bad people are every where, and then there's Karma. Ask the late Kenny Lay, formerly of Enron. God took him fast. God can take any of us in a second. Just one heartbeat away. So I 'spose, make the best of it. The less messes I make the less I have to clean up. I don't know where I am going here. So I guess I violate PROPERTY rights of AA, and write a bit from the Daily Reflections for the 6th of July:


"The chief activator of our defects has been self-centered fear"...From the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 76

When I feel uncomfortable, irritated, or depressed, I look for fear. This "evil and corroding thread" is the root of my distress: Fear of failure; fear of others' opinions; fear of harm, and many other fears. I have found a Higher Power who does not want me to live in fear and, as a result, the experience of AA in my life is freedom and joy. I am no longer willing to live with the multitude of character defects that characterized my life while I was drinking. Step Seven is my vehicle to freedom from these defects. I pray for help in identifying the fear underneath the defect, and then I ask God to relieve me of that fear. This method works for me without fail and is one of the great miracles of my life in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday to you all. I put my HNT pics at Body Shotz. I'm thinking about posting some black and white nudes there. Tasteful ones. No full Monty stuff. A friend said they would take the photos...Thanks for another 24, and God bless you all who visit here, and in meeting rooms worldwide.


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