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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Much better...

Nothing like being around a handsome group of sick people to make me feel better. I volunteered at the Alano Club tonight. Pouring coffee, selling AA/NA stuff, working a cash register. I get off on being around my people. Sober drunks are a fine lot. I'm sick too, so hey, it's all good. It has a way of making my problems really small. I closed up at 9:15pm, and came home and ate, answered a few emails, and I'm almost manic so I better enjoy it. A guy I'm sponsoring finally admitted defeat, and came into a meeting. That was a beautiful thing to see. He has to get up about 3:30 am to get ready to go to work. So, I still have an email to send concerning the first step. He asked me about step one, just before he went into the AA meeting. I told him "your at step one. Go to the meeting and I'll talk to you later." I gave him a big smile. I'll grab the 12x12 and spend tomorrow going over steps one, two and three. It may take several hours to do this. He has over a 30 days now, and this is good timing. He has reached the point of realizing he cannot do this alone. His HP is already working on him. Tuesday I'll get 400mgs of testosterone in my hip, so I'll be on a more even keel. That's twice the normal maintenance dose. I wonder why it's such a large dose. It's not that I want to start looking like Barry Bonds or anything. I'll have to ask the doc that Tuesday. I mean some body hair is ok, but do I really have to look like Bigfoot?? Pllleeeease....My knuckles drag when I walk...And my, oh, nevermind!


Blogger Sober Chick said...

I too absolutley love being around sick-os like myself. I am home and so comfortable in my skin during these times -- sharing my completely honesty and secrets. My recovery becomes ignited each time I connect with a fellow alcoholic.

Happy Monday to you!

12:39 PM  

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