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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Just me and my HP.

I don't mean Hewlett-Packard. Been camping since last Saturday. Alone. Least I thought I was. I soon discovered I was talking, not only to myself, but to my HP, whom I call God. I could complain about how it rained almost constantly the whole time I was there. I almost enjoyed myself. Someone once told me that if I am not happy living alone, maybe it's the company I'm keeping. Makes sense. I never drank or did drugs while fishing. I don't know why. Also staying at a shelter for men is ok. It is a lot nicer place than I had imagined. They offer 12 Step meetings, and Bible study. It's funny how life works. Never break up with the woman you live with, unless the abode you are living in is in your name!! What an Alcoholic Brain I have!! Was I trying to set myself up to drink? I don't know. I have been going to AA meetings and haven't drank, so if I were setting myself up to drink, today it didn't work. I think AA works fine. I really don't like going to AA meetings, but I always feel better when I'm there, and feel better after. If I can keep AA in my head, then maybe the thought of going wouldn't feel like dragging a ball and chain....I think so, eh?


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