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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Higher Powered...

When I first came to AA, I had difficulty with this stuff about God, prayer and all that spiritual stuff. But I hit an emotional "bottom" recently and in a sense, was body-slammed to give up my own willpower. I don't really know the psychodynamics of this emotional upheavel. I do know this; The power literally drove my to my knees. My knees were on the floor. While there, I prayed the best I knew how. I asked God to take over my life, and send me some info on His will for me, and what to do with that data. That prayer was answered straight-away. Some prayers seem to never get answered. Some get answered in time. I went to a nooner AA meeting Monday. Low and behold there was a person there who I have been praying for to get sober and back to AA for a long time. Two people I had asked God to direct to AA were there that day. What a wonderful day!! Some people, much like myself, have to get beat up pretty bad before they admit complete defeat at the hand of alcohol. I am grateful we are all given another chance to get over ourselves...Prayer...Today I believe it works.


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