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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Communication Loop...

To slimplify things, I will demonstrate the communication loop using two alcoholic players. The loop consists of the "Sender," and the "Receiver." When the sender completes the verbal data transfer, the receiver then gathers the data, and formulates a response. Upon responding, the receiver becomes the sender. This is how the loop works. Hence the name "loop." One of the big obstacles in recovery is that it is an illness of self-centeredness to the extreme. It is often comical to witness two alcoholics attempting the communication loop. It can be equally frustrating to be a participant in one. The alcoholic must grow beyond self-centeredness. The following hypothetical conversation will illustrate my point.

Sender:"Sure is a beautiful day."

Receiver:"I lost at cards last night. The cards were very old"

Sender:"I wonder if the Salmon are running?"

Receiver:"I usually win at card games."

Sender:"I have to get a fishing license and a good fishing pole."

Receiver:"I think the people I played cards with were cheating."

Sender:"I don't have the money to buy all that stuff right now, maybe I'll set some money aside."

Receiver:"I know it's only a game, but still..."

Welcome to the world of those, by nature of the disease are not so great at communicating at first. To be a successful communicator, the addict/alcoholic, must free themselves from "the bondage of self." Until that point, the alcoholic brain will keep the communication loop closed.


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