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Friday, June 30, 2006

Implementing my sponsor...

It seems so hot here, I could fry an egg on my alcoholic car. Like myself, my car is broken, and being fixed. Brakes are a good idea to have on a car. Sort of applying my brakes in addiction. That was a beautiful thing. Now, to avoid any half measures, I have called upon my sponsor for a ride to the BB study meeting tonight. I appear to be one of these tough guys, and give off this aura that I can do this myself. Through trial and many errors, I have come to believe that having a sponsor is a must for people like me. My brain is like a bad neighborhood; I should never venture there alone. Sponsorship vital. Working with him keeps me sober too. So with that in mind, it's back to work, and then I'll make myself pretty for the meeting! More blogging tonight God willing! I am!

Interesting...I just did "spell check" and the replacement word for "blogging" was "flogging." Hmmmmm...Maybe that's what I need!


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