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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Alcoholic Addict bloggers...

Just a quick note. I have found a network of alcoholic/addict bloggers that give me more inspiration than they know. I want to thank them for their support and emails. My faith has increased a great deal. Today I am full of hope that at a day at a time, we can do this. I say "we" because I know I cannot do this alone. I need you folks in bloggerland. Of course I am grateful for my people here at home as well. I think I would encourage anyone in recovery to get involved in keeping a web log. It's a good way to "get your mind right Luke." Thanks again...I'm off to a meeting the AA way.


Blogger Sober Chick said...

Very beautifully recognized. It is that essential simple element of "being a part of." We have carried so much shame and guilt on our shoulders feeling as if we were from another planet -- today our stories are different adn we are in a war in which we all carry one another.

There is absolutely no way I could achieve this gift of sobriety and growth to my HP without the help of the fellowship -- my fellow alcoholic supporters.

I am grateful you are here!

7:46 AM  
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