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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sweaty Saturday...

I'm not bragging. It's hot. I usually keep a few windows open to allow air to circulate around the place. But I have had to close them and crank up the AC, and turn on some fans. I was going to the AA monthly potluck birthday meeting thing, but I realized my roommate had borrowed my car to go to work today. I have been home all day. I could have called for a lift to the potluck, but I was being lazy. I am getting used to Xandros, a Linux operating system. It's sexier than Windows I think. Plus, it's nearly crash proof, and ya don't have to restart everytime ya download something. Shit, I didn't even read the Daily Reflections today. I know I'm going to a meeting tomorrow night at the local AA Club. If I can stay sober until then...It's good to think that way, for me. It seems like I can relapse in a split second. If I can think recovery on the short term, I'll be okay for 24 hours. I can't plan ahead too far. I won't see the obstacles in front of me. I'd hate to trip. Remember those Lucky Lager beer caps with the puzzles on the inside? Damn I was smart back then...Sure, and monkeys can fly outta my butt...


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