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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

8 Plus hours at the hospital...And family.

I got home a while ago after a long day at the hospital. Usually I grab a water (plain)and check my email. I got one from a friend in recovery, and the email mentioned something about going to go sulk. This concerns me. I whipped an email back, but haven't found a response yet. I care very much for this person, and I pray they are alright. I hope this post gets up. Blogger seems to be very slow tonight. It must have been 105 F. Here today. I spent over 8 hours at the hospital as my dad had his hip surgery today. The operation took two more hours than expected, but all went well. The old artificial hip was shot, and the metal rod that goes up into the femur had a half inch play in it. The surgeon was amazed he had been walking on it. He said my dad is "tougher than nails." I think they removed him from the recovery room a bit fast though. I watched as they rolled him from recovery into his room on the surgical floor. I was able to visit him right away. He was very stoned. Too much so. He stopped breathing, and the nurse yelled at him to breathe, and he did. She knew me from my days when I worked on the ambulance, and she asked me if I could keep an I on him. Only once did I have to yell at him to breathe, and give him a sternum rub. After about an hour of telling him to breathe, he became more alert and started talking. It was rather nerve wracking to have to do that with your own parent. I noticed when he would stop breathing his pulse would jump from 60 to 170 in just a few seconds. Freaky. His heart was running for oxygen. By the time I left he was eating, joking about wanting to party...LOL...My dad. I love him. I'm going to brag here. Something very cool happened just before he was to be hauled to the OR. My aunt suggested we say a prayer. My family has nothing to do with religion. It was an awkward moment. My brother and I have never really gotten along, but the next thing I knew I was holding his hand, my cousin's hand and my aunt led us in prayer. I have that moment in freeze frame. I want to swim in it. I want to hold it. I haven't felt so close to my family since my mother passed away in 1989. My brother and I talked and laughed like normal brothers. We have never done that. My brother is a multi-millionaire, and for twenty years, he felt money was more important than relationships or people. He is growing up and discovering what is really important, and that is love. I could see it in everyone's eyes. I know my father is in a lot of physical pain right now, but his sacrifice may have brought our family together. I pray it will stay this way. My dad, with God's help, will be dancing with his babe in six weeks. Maybe I'll join them all. Back to the hospital in the morning. G'night and God bless you all. Thanks for another 24 hours.


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