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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Don't sweat the small stuff...

I like that saying. It works...I see it as a short version of the Serenity Prayer. Tomorrow morning, I have major back surgery. I am a little nervous, but that's about all. I'm not afraid about the surgery. That would be kinda silly because I'll be unconscious!! The thing I fret the most is waking up in recovery with a catheter inserted into the "hangy down pink part."

Enough of that. Anyway I don't feel the need to drink today, and continue to try and find resentments. My paid friend told me to look for the "Doritos" in my life...LOL...I like Cooler Ranch. Something that I have a passion for, like a hobby, or being a freedom fighter. I have found I don't have to fight to stay sober. Not picking up a bottle today isn't an option for me. But I do have to remind myself that my brain is programmed to say..."One won't hurt."

So I think that's awesome. Something else, today I have people who love and care about me. I have had that when drinking too, but blinded by alcohol, I just couldn't see it, no matter how hard I tried to push people away. I want to embrace my life, and all who are important to me...Sober today. Still somewhat insane...Just not as much maybe.


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