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Monday, March 13, 2006

Good Times, Bad Times...

Good song. This evening, my back and leg pain is as severe as it was in 2003. I had two surgeries that year, and was on hillbilly heroin for eight months. I've had four pain pills and have TENS unit electrodes up and down my leg...The unit is on full blast. No comfort at all. I'm about ready to call a friend to go to the hospital and get some morphine. Maybe a Demerol Cocktail. Oxycontin Milkshake, with a Librium Latte' back. This chronic pain can make a person crazy. I was almost placed in Trembling Hills Hospital for the terminally nervous last week by a mental health professional. I guess they thought I was a bit off kilter. Shit, I am off kilter. What ever "kilter" is...In Scotland I would be naked from the waist down I suppose. The good thing is I did take in two AA meetings yesterday, but I pushed myself too hard today...And I'm really paying for it...sober.


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