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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why do I do that?...

I am the guy who introduces himself as a "real alcoholic" at AA meetings. Some here in Jerkwater USA, are not happy with that. "Real alcoholic" is from chapter 3 pg., 31:2, of the AA Big Book. I tried every form of self-deception and experimentation in vain attempts to drink like a gentleman. I never could. Then I read "real alcoholics" on that page and I said, "man, that's me." I am indeed a real alcoholic.

Seeing that and saying that is a constant reminder to ME. I don't say it to appear better than any other person. I don't say it for anyone else. I have to say it or I may forget it, and the result for me is death.

If how I introduce myself in an AA meeting is bothersome to some people, it isn't my problem. If they want to take my inventory, it's not my problem. Love and tolerance is our code, and for those who point fingers at the flaws of other alcoholics, need to look in the mirror and ask themselves why they react that way, then make note of it. They may discover a pattern of doing that. It's not helpful. Thank you and I wish you many 24 hours of happy recovery. I wasn't going to respond to that...I wonder why I did...


Blogger dAAve said...

It doesn't bother me. If I have the time to worry so much about what you call yourself, I may not be utilizing my time on this planet very well.
Have a great weekend.

2:51 PM  
Blogger Alcoholic Brain said...

Good to see you dAAve, thanks...

3:33 PM  
Blogger dAAve said...

my email addy is on my blog profile

6:00 PM  
Blogger Danny S said...

People will say you have an overblown ego if you identify as a "recovered alcoholic". They have never experienced the "Disapproval of others" factor in doing so - and how ego DEFLATING the words "I am a recovered alcoholic" can be - as the eyes roll or the objections come. But newcomers need to hear that they CAN recover.

If no one had finally told me that, I definitely would have left. I didn't want to be a "sick puppy" and "still insane" for the rest of my life. Who would? Apparently many!

9:16 PM  
Blogger sharonsjourney said...

I am so sorry I picked on you. I will make an eyeball to eyeball amends when I see you. I can be so stupid & hurtful sometimes about the silliest things. I've taken my insecurities out on you, & that isn't right, I know. That is not what blogging is about either. I'm feeling very guilty & embarassed over my behavior. My alcoholism has been really been playing with me lately. I didn't realize what was going on till after I wrote that. That was my dark side on display for everyone to see. I'm not trying to hide my dark side, but I need to leave people alone. I hurt inside, I want to hurt you. That's old behavior I fell into. I will see you soon. By the way, this has nothing to do with your partner. Hope I didn't make things worse by writing this.

8:36 AM  
Blogger Alcoholic Brain said...

To sharonsjourney: You are already forgiven.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Danny S said...

They THINK you are implying that "they" may NOT be "real" alcoholics. You know what? They might be right!

Anyone unfamiliar with the term "real alcoholic" obviously has not used to Big Book to follow the Twelve Step Path of recovery so laboriously and well detailed in it. ("Reading" the BB it in BB meetings - doesn't count.)

If they had - they would know that it is used repeatedly by the co-authors in helping to distinguish between the alcoholic, the hard drinking non-alcoholic and others who merely have a "drinking problem".

"In the preceding chapters
you have learned something
of alcoholism. We hope we
have made clear the
distinction between the
alcoholic and the
nonalcoholic." (44:0)

And if they are sober WITHOUT the Program - then what does that say? HMMMM.

Maybe they are in the wrong place?

You keep talking about YOUR OWN truth brother! And if it isn't the same as others - that's THEIR truth - that they do not share a "COMMON PROBLEM" with the "Common solution".


Danny S

PS- If you think "real alcoholic" gets bad reactions - try "recovered" - if you haven't already (and if it;'s true, of course) . LOL

8:23 AM  

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