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Friday, November 04, 2005

Brain Damage...

I read my last post, and I was a tad crude, but that was the reality of it all. I haven't felt the same since. I have stayed clean and sober, but my depression has become nearly unbearable. Thoughts of suicide come and go...These ideas can really ruin what would otherwise a better day it seems. I am beginning to believe that I have brain damage from meth. I am afraid to tell my therapist or doctor, for fear that they might put me in a Posey Jacket, and send me to a hospital to rest my nerves. Maybe I need to go to Trembling Hills Hospital for The Terminally Nervous.
At this stage, I am thinking maybe I should attend NA as well as AA. That combination worked well in the past. I was happy in the 80"s. Probably because I was sober and clean that decade...Married to a dreamboat, had a house on the hill with a two-car garage, with two new cars to put in it. I had money and was not in debt. I am so broke now I cannot afford to pay attention, but that's ok. My only goal is to not use drugs or alcohol. I will attend a meeting Friday, and I plan to ask a lady friend to take me to church with her on Sunday...I need to sing I think...


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