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Sunday, November 13, 2005

AA isolates...

Set up a home network and you'll share your high-speed Internet connection with every computer in your home at no additional monthly charge."

I saw this ad on a web site, and it just hit me in the head, as if my head can take more hits, eh?

What I have noticed since being back around the tables of AA again, I note some remarkable differences. When I first attended AA in the late 70's and all of the 80's, there was a lot of "fellowshiping." That was after a meeting there would be somebody announcing that we are all going to "bla bla" for coffee and munchies!! I loved that! We spoke of recovery! It kept me sober, and it was fun, and I met and came to love a great many people. Back then, a person with even less than 30 days clean and sober would be asked to chair the meeting!! Cool! The newcomer would feel needed and had something to feel good about...We all need a sense of "belonging" to something. My recent spree in August may have my vision a bit skewed, but I am being as objective as I can be at this point. I don't go to a lot of different groups, so there may well be "fellowshiping." The meetings I attend however, "fellowshiping" is absent. The same people chair the same meetings over and over, for the last 4 years I can say with accuracy. It's boring and mundane. Maybe I can work to change that. I see it as a reflection of my own tendency toward isolation. All "AAs'" would agree that the newcomer at a meeting is the most important person there. For those who have been around a while. So, with this in mind, I am going to set out to bring about a change to make the newcomer feel worthwhile and important, and that they belong!! We all have to come to believe in something. My isolation has to stop. The isolation in AA has to stop, or we kill people. As I read the internet ad above, the isolation that can, and does happen even in a "home" seems to permeate our society. Even the society of AA.
Lordy! I feel better after getting that off of my chest! I have a concave chest too...!!


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