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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's differen't...

Made a trip to pick up my roommate from a six month treatment center. The drive over the mountain passes were scary as the weather pounded them with snow and rain. She is now trying to decompress from being away. Stepping into the real world can be a bit overwhelming. I am proud of her and she seems to be headed in the right direction. She appears to be making healthier choices in her new recovery. I hope she sticks around and goes to lots of meetings.

If you would like to visit my roommates blog click "Lonnie." Please leave a comment and offer your link if you would like. Thanks. Now about me. I am still sober and I had my last appointment with my therapist yesterday. I will still see the shrink to stay on my psych meds. I plan to do another 4th Step shortly, and would like to start a Joe and Charlie seminar on the journey through the steps. Things are different at home. I am working on accepting some of the changes here. Acceptance is a process and not an event. My ego is sometimes a problem. I will try and smash that. Thanks for visiting...AB


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Stay strong.

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