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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I expect too much of myself. I don't even have a year off alcohol yet, and I feel sometimes I should have this recovery thing nailed. I quit shooting Meth a year ago August 5th. Then I drank for about two months sporadically until October 4th. So hey, my brain is gonna mess with me no doubt. I met with my sponsor today and I started to pull outta my funk even more. I hadn't been outta the house for two days. I was isolating, and I have a tendency to do that. I went to an AA meeting tonight, and I sure feel better. There were some folks from outta town, so that's always cool. Welcome to the land of the Appleknocker. I gathered a few dinars to buy a 12 Step guide. I'm one of those addict/alcoholics that has a thousand faces and characters. My sponsor says I'm so quick and slippery I'm like "mercury." The president of the Alano Club calls me the man with the "rubber face." This evening is good. Now I just have to do the food thing. I have this thing about my waistline...If I entered a Dickie-do race, I'm sure I'd win. Thanks for another 24, and thanks for the comments and emails. G'night!


Anonymous Mark W. said...


I'm workin' on 17 yrs. and I pray I never think I have this recovery thing "nailed."

I had four months of drinking after getting off my drug of choice - "availability."

Trudge, trudge, trudge... ODAAT

Rubber face, thousand faces = mask

Trouble is those dam* oldtimers used all the same masks and know them :-)


6:50 AM  
Blogger Trudging said...

I have been around for a while and I do not have it nailed either.

7:48 PM  
Blogger Sober Chick said...

Just as Mark above shares his experience, strength and HOPE you too will have this to spread by each day you trudge. Progress not perfection!

Big Hugs!

8:54 PM  
Blogger Gwen said...

If I spend too much time with myself I start to get on my own nerves!

Glad you are pulling outta your funk.

None of us have it nailed. We get a daily reprieve.

Warm Smiles ~

6:35 PM  

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