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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Good to see you...

Almost three years since my last post!  I must be resting on my laurals. Hope I spelled that right.  No, I didn't relapse.  Still not drinking, just neglecting my blog.  I will be fixing some broken links and uploading some more graphics.  I still attend one AA meeting a week and see my sponsor/AA friend weekly as well.  Since my last post, I think I've had two more back surgeries.  Those are fun.  I have to deal with the chronic pain thing, and the stigma that goes with it.  My depression issue is alive and well.  These things are much easier to manage without alcohol however.  Anyway, as always, I'm starting my day with two hours of quiet time and a pot of coffee.  This isn't easy to do using a smartphone!  I will use my computer most of the time.  That keyboard is larger than my phone.  This one finger typing is sort of a bitch.  Ok, got to take on the day!  Bye for now, AB.


Blogger Nina Dales said...

well done with staying sober, if only others had your strength.Good luck for everything the future may now hold for you x

9:37 AM  

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